Monday, March 31, 2014

Boys polished nails

The other day my daughters were painting their nails and I decided to do the same. As we were painting our nails, my son who is a little younger than two wanted his nails painted. We painted his finger and toe nails orange and purple (the only colors we had on us). Anyway since then we have gone out to store and I have notice people looking at my son oddly. A few people ask me if he was a girl (despite being dressed in boyish clothing) and others who knew he was a boy questioned why his nails were painted but more so, why they were painted in girl colors? I was told by people that this will make him less of a boy and may even lead to "questionable" things in the future. My husband didn't seem to have a problem with it and I try to teach my kids that there are no assigned colors or items. Why does society think polished nails equal femininity instead of masculinity? The only exception seems to be if I painted his nails black and deemed him a rock star.

Really? Is this what we have come to, does it matter whose nails are being painted. 

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