Wednesday, October 19, 2011

American Military Officer "Schools" Iraqi Police

This link will take you to a video where American military hyper masculinity is clearly displayed. This video is about 5.5 minutes of one American Military officer shouting at and insulting Iraqi police for being "pussies" for being "women" for not initiating aggression and conflict but instead relying on American soldiers to do it all.

"You want fuel and guns and shit from me but you don't get off your lazy asses and do anything"

He even threatened to beat all of them and show them how to be "real men".

This video clearly displays what American hyper masculinity in the military is all about and what is pretty much expected from men entering the military. The tactics this officer was using on the Iraqi police are tactics used on Americans in training - degradation, subjugation, and threatening and frequent emasculation.
This treatment of men and degradation of women is constantly perpetuated by actions like this in the United States and overseas. This is how some men in our military wish to represent "strong, capable, courageous, independent, FREE" American men and by extension American women as weak and ill-willed things to be ridiculed.
Is this how we want our military representing us? I think not.

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