Saturday, October 15, 2011

Milk PMS Advertisement

I'm sure we've all heard about this pleasant advertisement from the "Got Milk?" campaign....I found a video online of the commercial.

I have been reading about this since July and clearly repulsed but I have yet to see an actual commercial or advertisement for it other than their website. They pulled the ad campaign early but still called it a "success".

The comments at the bottom are startling, one person goes: "These ads made me laugh and there is truth to all of them. We should accept the fact that we are emotional and can be psychotic during this time. Men accept it and love us still:)" ....ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Only one came to a slight defense of women but in a backwards way, she said that yes, calcium reduces PMS but makes symptoms (ache, tenderness....etc) worse....yeah, well not to mention the multitudes of HORMONES that are in non organic store bought cow's milk...

This campaign is ridiculous and I'm so glad they pulled it but I have no doubt that they really did think it was a success because people, like the above commenter, supported it and bought into it, showing the power of mainstream media in constructing gender roles based on biology and constructing them in such a way to have people say "Oh, poor guys! Their masculinity is always being threatened by crazy women on their periods!"

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