Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Gisele Bundchen Ad: Degrades Women or Underestimates Men or Both?

Recently, I read an article ( about Gisele 's sexist ad and the subsequent banning of it in Brazil. The attached article discusses the heightened female violence (domestic violence and murders) in Brazil and how this ad relates to the serious and severe female issues there (Portilho-Shrimpton). Furthermore, the ad can be dissected in a myriad of  ways in relation to the message. Does the ad portray women as sexual objects or does the ad underestimate men and their "self-control" or both? Also, read some of the comments (if you have time) and see how some people digested the ad.

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Portilho-Shrimpton, Thais. "Gisele's sexist lingerie ads are no laughing matter in Brazil." The Guardian. 30 September 2011. Web. 5 October 2011.

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T said...

Just as a note, domestic violence is rising in the US as well. I was doing some statistical research yesterday and found that, 10 months into this year, there have already been TWICE as many domestic violence incidents this year than in 2010 in Orange and Osceola counties. That being said, there were more than twice as many incidents in 2010 than 2009-- all seemingly tied to the economic collapse.