Monday, October 31, 2011

Inequities for children of gay parents

When I was checking the news this morning, this headline caught my eye. This article illustrates some of the very serious legal inequities (as well as the social stigmas) faced by households with gay, bisexual, and transgender parents. While we all know that marriage equality and equal rights for all of those who are not heterosexual are hotly contested issues today; I was not quite aware of the extent to which the exploitation of children was being used as a weapon on behalf of equal rights opponents in order to achieve their end. I think there is a touch of irony here, or probably more accurately this could be deemed outright hypocrisy and, if it wasn’t so sad, I’d laugh. I think this article shows us some of the negative, tangible effects of this bizarre, mythological normative social unit we refer to as “the nuclear family.”

I think Maryland Attorney General Douglas Gansler said it best when he said: “Same-sex marriage is a pro-family measure.”

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