Saturday, December 1, 2012


Hey everyone, there's a movie on Netflix instant-watch which I would completely recommend. It's called Mansome, it was made by Morgan Spurlock who you may remember from the documentary Super Size Me. Its lighthearted and features many comedians. It deals with men's struggle to define manliness, especially as current times have ushered an era where it is constantly being redefined (like with the metrosexual movement). It includes interviews with experts and men with varying opinions on the matter.
Here's a trailer!


stephh104 said...

awesome thanks!!

Chris said...

I wrote a post about this on November 12. You can see it here:

Diego Plaza said...

My apologies Chris, I hadn't seen your post. I do hope you got around to watching the documentary, it was really good. As I said on my own post, it's now on Netflix's Instant Watch feature.