Saturday, December 8, 2012

Trans* Health Care

I got into activism around Trans* issues after two of my closest friends came out as Trans* roughly around the same time.  Normally I don't really touch on this subject too often, but lately the subject has been coming up around the subject of health care and equal access.  Because of how the standard of care for trans folks (WPATH) is structured up until recently, most Trans* people can't have access to hormones without going to therapy for about a year.  Granted they recently changed that, but because it, it causes a lot of stress on most people going through the process because for some reason adults can't make their own decisions about their own bodies.  Some places called informed consent clinics due exist which allow Trans* people access without going through the vast amount of counseling that's required which saves them time and money.  Sadly this doesn't exist in the State of Florida right now, so the problem of access comes up quite often, and since there's no one to tackle this issue in this state it becomes pretty difficult for Trans* folks to be even be able to live in this state.

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