Saturday, December 8, 2012

Prison Industrial Complex

  Something that comes up quite often in the news when the legislative cycle becomes active again we hear a few words: education, healthcare, and  corrections.  One of those things contributes to many systems of racism, violence, and brutality in this state and it isn't education or healthcare.  Why I speak about this is because of Privatized Prisons.  Now why is it a problem to privatize prisons?  It makes crimes and turns them into profit for any given company, this is because the majority of these contracts make it so that they have to have a occupancy rate that's close to 90% at all times.  This makes them lobby the state government to target some of the people who are the most disadvantaged in society and make sure to target them for insanely little things which does two things.  It prevents them from having a voice in society by preventing them to vote to change these laws and it creates a school to prison pipeline to many of florida's youth which only continues the cycle of violence. 

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