Saturday, December 8, 2012

Rethinking Masculinity

   Often throughout this course, I've been thinking on ways to solve many of the problems masculinity creates.  How can we do this by allowing men to keep things about their identity?  Now I'm not saying that we should try to keep sort of the negativity with those traits, but we can we do create a new identity for men while still the uniqueness of their sex.  What are some of the things could masculinity keep that can allow for a healthier environment.  Because in the readings masculinity can't even be defined by certain physical traits because those are culture specific?  Which breaks this down even further.  Should we value gender expression any different because as men, women, anything in between or completely different we all identity as something.  How we express that is completely different.   Should the struggle in the future to promote non oppressive forms of gender expression, and what could that look like?  I guess time will only tell.

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