Monday, December 3, 2012

The War on Men

This is an article on Fox News’ opinion page by a woman who speaks about how feminism has actually hurt heterosexual relationships. The article cites polls that show that males have decreased their desiring for marriage while females have increased theirs. The article says that males crave their rightful place as the head of households and simply want to provide for their families because that’s their nature.  One of the more notable parts to me was when the author mentioned that through feminism, women have gotten off the pedestals they were convinced they did not have in order to topple men from their own, leaving them with no place in society. I think it is interesting to see that people still believe that inherent to masculinity is the dominance within a heterosexual relationship and that males simply lose their place when confronted with an egalitarian proposition. It was also striking that the author noted that many males complained that women aren’t women anymore. Patriarchy has some very blatant benefits, but could it really be that so many males are happy to knowingly give women the shorter end of the stick (though the article argues that women get a different but equal place) in order to preserve these benefits? I find it a bit insulting toward men and it troubles me that some people still view masculinity in this light and even worse, applaud it.
I share this article that I very much, as I suspect a lot of you will too, disagree with because a lot of the time when dealing with gender issues in most classes. We tend to mostly read literature that favor feminism but I think that it is important to hear an opposing view, if for nothing else, to exercise our critical thinking muscle.

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whitney scott said...

This was a fascinating article. Though I have to admit that I was quite surprised about a lot of the content, I can see how feminism hurts heterosexual relationships in many aspects. Thanks for sharing.
Whitney Scott