Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Masculine underwears

Its crazy, I thought shopping for women's underwear was hard but it turns out shopping for men's underwear is harder. Why? Because the type of underwear you get your partner/spouse can add or take away from his masculinity, or at least that's how my husband took it.

If you are a manly-man then you were boxers, or boxers briefs at the most. But anything beyond that, takes away from his masculinity. For instance, I bought my husband fashion briefs which I thought was the same as boxer briefs, however these underwear were more comparable to tighty-whitey except that they came in exotic colors. Displaying them in front of me, he felt so embarrassed and less of a man- it didn't help that I was laughing. He immediately took them off and said he would not wear them, he try to blame it on the underwear being to tight but I knew the truth. He further stated that the only men who could get away with wearing something like this were men who look like the men on the cover or strippers or models, not your average Joe or even sports players (ex. HANES for men- Michael Jordon). Why? Listed below is a link that indicates that ads for men's underwear deliver specific messages associated with masculinity.


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