Saturday, October 17, 2015

12 Reasons Masculinity Is Terrible For Men

Everything in this article doesn’t have to be catered to men because I know a lot of women who eat meat, take physical risk and smoke, but most of these things are more associated with men. For example, it mentions not wearing sunscreen, and I can agree that I notice a lot more men not doing this. Every time I go to the beach I’m the only person in my family who wears sunscreen, whenever I tell my brothers to put it on they say nothing will happen to them. Another thing is going to the doctor. Men have this stereotype of never wanting to go to the doctor. This is something that needs to change because they are slowly killing themselves. This is just a fun article that points out things "men" do that are bad for them.            

If you want to read the article yourself you can find it listed below:

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