Friday, October 9, 2015

Jock Insurance

What Sociologist CJ Pascoe created a term called the "jock insurance." What this essentially means is that due to a man having celebrity status, he can make traditionally nonmasculine choices without having his masculinity questioned. This has been seen many times throughout the media when there are various male celebrities that have a very masculine look as well as present themselves in a very masculine manner where they cross dross and their masculinity isn't questioned. On Jimmy Falon's EW! Skit he and other male celebrities always dress up as younger teen girls and make fun of them by constantly saying ew and saying stereotypical teen girl jokes. This is all for comedic purposes but we also have to realize that Jimmy and his fellow co-stars's masculinity is never questioned. There was never a huge social media outbreak on them cross dressing or playing females. This is the "insurance" that Pascoe was talking about and we see it being displayed various times in different scenarios on the media.

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