Monday, October 5, 2015

Shown above are my niece and my brother. The picture to the right is my background image on my phone and I did not mean for this outcome, but I have gotten a lot of weird questions from it such as "Why is she dressed like a boy?" "Does your brother know that Batman is a man?" and other such questions. I think it is safe to say that my brother knows that Batman is a man. He is obsessed and has made his daughter obsessed with Batman as well. The picture on the left is showing them playing with light sabers. She likes to play with swords, toy cars and light sabers and her parents allow her to. They have gotten some back lash for this. They are told that she needs dolls and princess dress up toys to become more feminine and less tom boyish. My niece does have baby doll toys and nail polish. She also has many books and likes to listen to music. Her interests do not decide what gender or sexuality she chooses to identify with. She is free to do whatever she pleases and I am proud to see my brother and his wife creating such an open and diverse world for my baby niece.

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