Thursday, October 29, 2015

Are boys just being boys?

The other day I was on my to class and I ended up walking behind this group of guys. This group of guys would be stereotyped as the typical fraternity guys; complete with Sperry's, shorts above the knee, and button down shirts. As I was walking I happened to overhear a part of their conversation. Their topic of conversation was all the girls that they had hooked up with at the party they had attended. This group of boys were all bragging to each other about the number of girls that they had gotten with, their rating of how "hot" the girls were, and the physical characteristics of them; making these girls nothing more than their physical features. I had no intention of hearing all of this but after hearing so I became immediately disgusted. I don't understand why society can make a male (specifically in this example) feel more masculine or "manly" because he was able to hook up with several girls. Why does society and our culture make it alright to just see women as a number or a sexual object, only viewing her as female parts such as breasts or genitalia? We should not have a generation that makes it okay for women to be talked about like this or get treated as just a number. Boys are not just being boys here, being immersed in a culture where it is becoming an encouraged norm to sexualize and objectify women to be considered masculine. The last question I have and may be the most important, is why is this all a competition to see who can get with the most girls in one night; being a gentleman is not that much to ask.

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