Thursday, October 15, 2015

To the Society of Uncompromising Men

     Wiser's, a Whiskey company, released the following commercial:

     The commercial is a light humored piece that features a couple walking by a store. The woman sees something inside of the store and quickly hands her purse to the man. The man looks down at the purse in confusion, and quickly drops it on the ground. He then goes to pick it up and cover it by using a shopping bag as "protection", almost like someone picks up after their dog. A group of sophisticated men start clapping in respect, and you hear "Welcome to the society of uncompromising men. Welcome to the Wiserhood."A promotion then comes up for Wiser's whiskey.
     This commercial really stood out to me because of how strongly it personifies masculinity. A purse, a symbol of femininity, is viewed as an undesirable object that cannot be associated with a man. The actor drops it almost in disgust, and is looked upon with honor from the other men. He is described as "uncompromising," and then is paralleled to Wiser's whiskey.
    I feel that whiskey is often seen as a "man's drink." I've even noticed that if I order it when I'm out with male friends, since it's my favorite type of alcohol, they view me with more respect and almost surprise. After they hear my order, I'm often greeted with eyebrows raised and a nod of approval. Does this mean that they wouldn't respect me if I ordered a glass of moscato wine, or a pina colada? How does even alcohol choice begin to categorize what is considered masculine and feminine, and why does one deserve more respect than the other?

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