Saturday, October 31, 2015

F%CK Boy!

Today I read an article on Facebook about a man who killed his wife and 3 children. He has a history of physically abusing women and has been arrested for domestic violence in the past. After reading the article I began to scroll down and noticed someone left a comment that read "This is the DEFINITION of a FUCK BOY!" This comment received over a thousand likes. Although I am familiar with the term fuck boy. I decided to look up the definition on urban dictionary for a better understanding of the term. According to urban dictionary a fuck boy is "A person who is a weak ass pussy,that ain't bout shit."
This derogatory term is meant to insult men however, its origin is degrading towards women. "Pussy" refers to a woman's vagina. If comparing a man to a woman is an insult what does that say about how society views women?
Are women weak because they have a vagina?

The man who killed his wife and children used his strong and dominant force to abuse women and murder his family. If being strong is a good thing why is he a fuck boy?...........Vocabulary plays a vital role in how we view gender and masculinity. There is power in naming. This derogatory term supports the notion that women are weak thus you must be strong if you want to be masculine. This idea is a complete contradiction to the article yet it received so many "likes." Before we use words to contradict ourselves and support oppression we must pay attention to who and what we are naming because there is power in the name. 

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