Wednesday, October 28, 2015

You've probably already heard of this...

This news story is going around right now and it's really disgusting, what law enforcement is capable of. You might have seen it, but it involves a 15 year old girl and a grown resource officer for the South Carolinian high school. The girl is accused of making a scene, or causing a disturbance, and refused to leave. The officer rips her off her chair and drags her across the classroom. This is captured on a cell phone camera. Ben Fields, the officer, has been linked to several previous cases where he was abusive and too forceful with black students. When watching the video, you see the girl is just sitting there, not yelling, not hurting anyone else, and Fields' excessive use of force is uncalled for. She wasn't hurting anyone. He obviously has extreme racial prejudice against black people, and how he has not yet been dismissed is mind boggling to me. Fields probably suffers from incredibly high opinion of himself, and he thinks that he is a true man, but how can throwing a child around really make you a man? It just makes you a piece of garbage. The FBI is now investigating, and I hope he gets whats coming to him. Warning, the videos are hard to watch.
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