Sunday, October 11, 2015


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This video is a comedic look at male sexual representation in film and television. There is an excessive amount of female nudity on TV and in films. It is increasingly acceptable to view a woman's breasts, buttocks, or even her full frontal form while male nudity remains tabooed and far less frequent. Why is this? A way to maintain power and the mystery of the penis, the ultimate symbol of masculinity? A way to keep men in the role of observer, the one looking not the looked at? As a student filmmaker I have observed a number of my classmates go where Hollywood has not yet dared to venture and captured male nudity to beautiful and heartbreaking effect. The goal of film is to hold a mirror up to reality and help us a people examine and work out parts of ourselves through entertainment. The male body is a large part of life and something that should not be lightly pushed aside or overlooked. I agree with Kevin, it is time to free the bacon.

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