Thursday, October 29, 2015

Why can't men be friends with other men without criticism?

With sexuality and gender being such hot topics these days, the overuse of slang terms is becoming extremely common and sadly, damaging. In the film No Homo, Rapper Cam’ron stated the phrase “no homo” is something you say after you “say a gay thing by accident" (No Homo). What exactly is a gay thing to say? Rapper Kayne West admits to discriminating against gay people as well. Not to get off topic, or start a new rant, but if he discriminates against people who are deemed as “different” in his eyes, I can’t help but wonder what he thinks of his in-law Caitlin Jenner?

Although, this doesn’t just go for rap music. Boys in school that get close to their male counterparts say this as well. Usually this happens after two male students engage in a close friendly relationships or if a hugged is exchanged between them. Since this action of showing emotion is viewed as feminine, it must mean that the boy is gay. So the term ‘no homo” is used to clear the air of awkwardness. Since when is someone automatically labeled gay if they show affection to a friend of the same sex? Here is an interesting song on the term “No Homo:”


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