Sunday, November 1, 2015

19 Heartbreaking Confessions From Men Suffering From Emotional Abuse

When we think of abuse we automatically think of women. Women are always the victims. This is what I learned growing up. Men can never be the victims, and men are often portrayed as the perpetrator. So this is an interesting article that includes some confession that men made about emotional abuse. One of the confessions mentioned that when one man told someone about what he was going through they told him to “man up,” which is sad because we are taught as a society that men can’t show any emotions. There are so many resources provided for women who have been abused, but for men there aren’t as many. We don't typically talk about men who are abused. It's as if it’s some sort of taboo. We need to bring awareness that abuse works both ways. No one deserves to be mistreated.   

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