Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election News

Once again we find that it is the fast-rising population of voting minorities, young adults and women voters that are deciding the sway of elections.  The first openly gay female senator was elected in Wisconsin and there are more women in Congress that before.  I think it is no surprise to men that women who are better educated and living more independently than in previous generations are demanding issues that affect them be brought to light.  I heard on NPR different views people had about the election results and one reporter mentioned how the Republican party is having difficulty reaching women and minority voters.  Not choosing to start a political debate or party blame, but I have to think that such news cannot be a shock.  Women have made amazing strides in the political arena with the support of men who had the courage to think alternatively.  Women have proven that their issues are issues for everyone and about everyone.  As Gloria Steinem said in her UCF campus visit last month, even something like giving women equal pay for equal work is an economic issue as well as a woman's issue.  And with so many single parents out there, isn't it time that those women working 2 or 3 jobs just to make ends meet could have the equal respect they deserve by enforcing an equal pay?  I am very grateful for the strides we, as a country, have made in exercising our voice as women voters who know the rules as well as what to do about them.  Politicians  cannot hide their true feelings about what issues are important to them and if all this sisterhood can be channeled to political action, then men, step aside for there is some work to be done!

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whitney scott said...

I have to say that the younger generations along with minorities really stole this election. I'm glad to see that more people are exercising their rights to vote and make a difference if not for them; for their loved ones.
Whitney Scott