Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thinking about my own experiences with domestic violence growing up, I can’t help but remember not only witnessing my mother being brutally attacked, but my father as well. We must not only encourage the schooling about woman victims of domestic violence, but also men. Here’s my story: Studying late one night in my room circa 1997, I could hear the arguments of my stepmother and father saturating the air with the intimidating voices calling out to each other. Once again, I try to ignore. Tonight was different. I heard a scream, a male voice calling out for help. I know that the only male in the house is my father. “Call 911”, “Help, she’s attacking me!” my father cried out. I felt numb, helpless, scared. I was a teenager, but already exposed to violence, except in reverse. I couldn’t understand why my father wouldn’t defend himself; I saw it happen before with other couples. My father would not budge; he let her put his hands on him. Strong men do not hit woman, no matter if she is the attacker. My father stayed strong. He finally was able to get to a phone and dialed 911, luckily he did, and I remember something being said about her possibly having a knife. As I looked out the window that dark stormy evening, I saw the blue flashing lights. I saw my stepmother taken away in handcuffs, as she glared back towards the house. The police did right by my father that night. My father stayed strong. He showed that he was a strong and masculine that night, he did not fight back.


whitney scott said...

I'm sorry that you had such traumatic experiences growing up. That is something no one, especially a child should ever have to be witness to. I agree with you completely that we must educate others on stopping abuse not only towards women, but men as well. I think abuse towards men gets forgotten many times because people see men as bigger and stronger. Thinking men should be able to handle it,society often neglects to hold women just as accountable.
Whitney Scott

Heather Melton said...

Thanks, I appreciate the words. I agree that both women and men are capable of violence. Anyone who hurts another person should be held accountable.