Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Influence of Masculinity in the Presidential Election

Now that the Presidential Election has ended, I am interested on hearing people's views on masculinity regarding our President Barack Obama and fellow candidate  Mitt Romney. During this election, I believe many people took their political stance not only off of their religious beliefs and etc., but of who they thought was a better  leader and exuded masculinity more overall. As a result, I have to question what contribution the media and people's beliefs on masculinity played in this election.
Whitney Scott

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Chris said...

I believe that not everything we do dealing with other people has to involve some sort of masculine or feminine analysis. That being said, there were a lot more than just two candidates running for president, but that's besides the point and is a whole other topic all together.

When it came to these two guys, I didn't care which one came off more manly. I looked at which guy had the vision, experience, qualifications and drive to effectively and efficiently perform the role and obligations of being the president.