Thursday, November 15, 2012

Everybody meet David:

David is another friend of mine that had the "courage" to put on a dress. I know this might seem a tad redundant seeing as my last picture was also a man in women's clothing, but I think I have a progressive idea going. The last individual (his name is Andrew) I blogged about [see October posting] is a heterosexual man, and I attempted to analyze/listen to his attitude regarding wearing female articles of clothing--all of which was very illuminating. However, David is not a "straight" male. Instead, he identifies as "gay", and is living quite contently with his sexuality. I was interested in how David would react to wearing a dress compared to the reaction of a heterosexual guy. I'm aware that not all homosexual males enjoy wearing blouses, skirts, dresses etc...and that there are many strata which construct sexuality and its physiological expression, however, this was a little experiment on my part to understand why one guy would feel more comfortable/less-comfortable than the other. David's reaction being in the dress was, to say the least, nonchalant (if not just plain giddy) and he was visibly more at ease than my initial victim. There was no nervous gait or slightly furrowed brow; only a placid sense of well-being. I suppose it may have coincided with the style of dress selected for each party; Andrew's was shorter and showed more surface area, and David's was long, exposing less skin. But David urged that it's not the "style" (he exclaimed that he would wear a shorter one) but he liked the way the dress felt; the softness of the material.

More to come...

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whitney scott said...

I found your friend David not only to be brave, but comfortable with his sexuality enough to wear a dress as well. That color looks great on him. lol(:
Whitney Scott