Thursday, November 29, 2012

misogyny & casal

(click link above to listen)

Mixed with the Beach Boy's back beat for "Good Vibrations", Rafael Casal speaks honestly- as he seems to typically do- in his song "Misogyny". Truthful, heartbreaking, and to me frustrating- this song shows how elements of self-image, self-preservation, and misunderstanding collide with socially constructed ideas of gender that only serve to divide- not unify- us as whole.  Casal's willingness to grapple with these issues and speak openly about them in a song is great. I just find it interesting (and frustrating) that it takes a bit to hunt things down like this that question and challenge the hip hop norm of misogyny.....and if you look for the opposite- you will find actual misogyny so easily! grrrrrr......

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