Sunday, November 25, 2012


Today I went to Google Images and typed in a few different words to see what would pop up. First, I put in the word 'masculine'. I saw pictures of extremely in-shape and muscular men posing without their shirts and flexing their huge biceps. When I enter the word 'feminine,' pictures of women show up, mostly with pink in the background, and in small bikinis that show off their figures, which of course are thin with big breasts. So, my question is, is being feminine or masculine solely defined by sex appeal and outer appearance? For me, my feminine identity includes fashion, jewelry, and make-up, but even more so it has to do being intelligent, a good mother, level-headed and strong. I enjoy being a woman, I like things that are seen as 'girly,' but I also don't want to be boxed-in  or expected to  be a certain way. I find strong, female athletes to be very feminine and sexy. How do you define your masculinity/femininity or both?

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