Thursday, November 8, 2012


I found this video interesting.  It is a video for Movember, a month where men grow mustaches to raise awareness for male cancer.  The actor Nick Offerman suggests "manly" things that men can do to help grow their mustache, like hammering a nail and eating a raw onion.  He also pokes fun at men that cannot grow a mustache, as they are not "manly" enough to do so.

I realize that this video was made in fun and made to support a good cause.  I just wanted to point out that even humorous videos support ideas of maleness that are unrealistic.  Nick Offerman's role on Parks and Recs, RonSwanson, promotes the same idea of this stoic, meat-eating, unfeeling man. 


Shelly Hall said...

Even commercial humor speaks to what men should be (or smell like)

whitney scott said...

I have to agree that although this video is somewhat humorous,it only plays into the stereo-types created by the media that we are trying to diminish. Although many of us as adults know that these insinuations are unrealistic, many young males watching this video will not. As a result, this is why so many males struggle with their identity as they are trying to conform to what society is telling them is acceptable; instead of conforming to who they really are and want to be.
Whitney Scott