Friday, November 30, 2012

More Google Searches

Today I typed the word 'sexy' into Google Images. It brought up approximately 200 images on the first page, with about 10 photos of men. The other 190 were women in almost no clothing and sitting in suggestive poses. The few men that are featured in the images are Brad Pitt, Jay-Z, and Channing Tatum. A few thoughts entered my mind while looking at these images.

First, all the girls look just barely nourished enough. I know very few women who actually look like this. So, what does that say about society's thoughts on sexiness. If sexy is requires eating very little, is that a healthy attitude? Also, do men actually view this as sexy? I imagine they do, but I think they probably also find the women they encounter in their every day lives to be sexy.

The other frustration I felt when looking at the images is that they were nearly all women. Men are sexy as well, but society only emphasizes the sex appeal of women. It creates unrealistic standards for women and takes away the importance of being intellectual, funny, charismatic, etc.

What do you think? Does society put too much pressure on women to be sexy? Do men find these images to be what is sexy, or is their view of sexy more broad?

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