Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The sick results of the 'man's world' false paradigm

This is the horror of Southern backwards thinking brought to its logical (err, illogical) conclusion. And THAT'S my problem with the South. We spend so much time patting ourselves on the back for our hubris-laden ignorance, we won't even ad
mit just how twisted and sick are the very cultural foundations of our region.

In contrast—and in an attempt to transcend the Southern folk tradition of the braggart—I won't say anything about the aggressor here; I am certain he will receive his due justice. I only hope that Southerners can take a step back and look at the culture of violence and willful ignorance and just for a moment imagine that young Mallory Owen was your daughter...because she is. She is all of our daughters and we have let her down—BIG TIME.


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