Sunday, November 15, 2015

18 Annoying Features All Men Hate About Women

My friend sent me the link to think article today. It's written by a woman, which is sad, but not altogether unexpected. There are a lot of reasons why women hate women, even one who tells other women to love themselves. As she states in her article, "Women should stop trying so hard to impress one another and begin to work harder on impressing themselves." I have a lot of problems with the article, starting with why men think that it's okay to dictate what a women wears, or does with her body. Katina Goulakos, the author, writes "Men accept women for their individuality and their flaws, it is women who do not accept each other for their differences." I rolled my eyes so hard they fell out of my head. In what world have men ever been accepting of women for their flaws? Their fragile 'masculinity' picks out everything wrong with a women, and then they try and change it. The best man in the world will look at a girl who is beautiful and seemingly perfect, and could still tell you something wrong. This list just highlights it. Hair extensions, because the only reason a woman could possibly want to wear them is to impress other women. The article also talks about how no man wants a woman to take off fake hair at night. Some people just can't grow hair! Or there could be another reason a woman would want to wear them, like maybe because she likes the way they look, and she should be able to feel beautiful, if that's what makes her feel beautiful. Nail art is another thing on the list, and it disparages women who go out  and spend money on it, citing that most men are money conscious and can't see why a woman would want to waste money of such a useless thing. Meanwhile, it's perfectly fine to go out and buy a $60 video game. Big sunglasses are apparently deceitful, because they can hide the fact that you have a hangover. Big hats, on the other hand, are proof that a woman is 'trying to hard.' As the author says, "Big hats can be super cool – for women they work well at the beach or while driving shotgun down the coast in a sexy convertible. Other than that, there is really no reason to be wearing a big hat, especially since men hate them. " Another thing is big hands! Something you can't control! What is it about a girl with bigger hands makes a man feel inferior? Maybe it's the 'man box', where a man must be bigger, and tougher and stronger than his little lady, but really? This whole list is ridiculous. Women don't live their life and make fashion choices to get a man, though there is nothing wrong with those who do. But don't make women who have big hands, or like red lipstick and liquid eyeliner feel bad, because one man may not like it. You can read the article yourself here 

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Lela said...

Wow. This is about as full of stereotypes as one can come up with. On both ends--stereotypes and generalizations about women AND men. And spelling errors! As if the article needs another reason for me to dislike it.