Saturday, November 28, 2015

Stop It With the Friendzone Already

I've dated a lot of different kinds of people and while some of them were the typical jerks, some weren't. And then there's a lot of guys that see themselves as good or nice guys and don't even realize that well, they aren't as nice as they think they are. These are the types of guys that think they if they are nice to girls and are there for them in times of need or buy them things or are friends first then they'll get to date that particular girl. Even if right then and there that girl isn't interested in them they will be later. When that doesn't happen and things don't go the way the 'nice' guy wants they get mad and claim they get friendzoned. In all reality these guys had no intention of being friends with said girl unless they got to date or have sex with them; like women are just something to collect or own and don't have their own individual feelings and complex emotions.

But where does the idea that men have a right to a women's emotions and bodies? Honestly it seems like the perpetual myth that if a man sticks with it long enough and keeps pursuing her she'll eventually cave and fall madly in love with said nice guy comes from the media; but especially it comes from movies and TV shows. There are a TON of movies and TV shows in which this happens. Best example is Ross from the TV show Friends. He is such a jerk to Rachel all the time and she gives him tons of chances. But every time he messes up or she has something else better than him he still looks at it like he deserves her because he's a 'nice' guy. Also taking a look at the kid, Elliot Rodger, who took the lives of several people all because women weren't interested in a great guy like himself. These guys aren't really nice guys they just think they are. Men are being taught that they don't actually have to be nice guys to get girls, they just deserve them for ACTING nice. This is not helping men, it's hindering them. And it's annoying for women.

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