Saturday, November 28, 2015

"Confessions of a Masculist"

Maybe its cheating to reference a blog post in one's own blog post but I'm doing it anyway!

I've been following Rebecca Woolf, of Girls Gone Child, for a few years now. She's been in the blogging game a good long while, ten years from the look of her archive, and I always glean some insight and inspiration from her posts. She mostly writes about her children but this isn't your typical "mommy blogger". Rebecca is hardcore and delves into issues, having lived her whole life in progressive California, and often writes about her failures as a parent, which often lead to enlightenment of some degree.

Being a mother of three daughters, she is an outright advocate for women's rights and strong women and everything that accompanies that. But she is also a mother to a young boy, the oldest of the children, who is incredibly sensitive and wise beyond his years and takes on a nurturing role with his younger sisters and seeks solace in activities such as music and ballroom dance. All fairly unique traits for men to present proudly to the world but Archer (the son) usually does.

Why I find this particular post interesting is the use of the term, "masculist", which I had never heard prior to reading this article. The term is essentially what you think, and Rebecca continues in the blog to reference how many boys, as a result of "man shaming" and lack of support, grow up to demonstrate Peter Pan Syndrome.

She writes:

"I grew up with boys who never grew up. I have lived with men, lost... Some would call them "losers" but fuck it, if women are or were ever "victims of the times" then so are many men today. "

 Such an interesting concept to think of men as victims of their time, considering their status as the "dominant group" but we place expectations that are altogether unfair. 

Girls Gone Child Article

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