Sunday, November 29, 2015

Mbodiment (Masculinity) Project


I liked this video because it showed not only men who were born as men who have had to deal with masculinity since birth but also transitioned men who have had to frame themselves in order to fit into what society deems as masculinity. Once they finally transitioned they understood what being a man really meant, that it wasn't really rooted in aggression and power. They emphasized how the actual meaning of masculinity is something that needs to be redefined. Masculinity doesn't just define how a person should act but it also gives men a certain image they have to live up to. Masculine men are successful and are able to provide for themselves and their family, they have sex with many women, they're bodies are big and strong..... "its a package deal" like one of the people from the video mentioned. I found it really interesting also when the person behind the camera asked them to take an article of clothing off if they have ever felt like they were masculine enough, every single person took something off. It shows how masculinity is not something you are but something you have to constantly be aware of and work towards because its not rigid, its fluid and you can easily fall out of the man box.

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