Sunday, November 29, 2015

Man According to the Bible?

Often we hear that part of the culture of masculinity is rooted in religion, so I wanted to investigate why this is. I mean I am a Christian and I never understood why people believe that the manly macho behavior stems from the Bible. Sure David was a heroic king that went into battle, but was he not getting his orders from a higher authority? I also know that people often forget the time periods in which the Bible was written in and  that in those times people had slaves and women could not do much without men, but that was mans law not God's. So where did the macho man in charge come into play.  While searching I came across this article "Act Like Men" and I realized that like most things the Bible was forced into the man box. While the Bible does state that women should cover their hair and not speak in church, this is a sign of that period of time it was written in and not the focus of the Bible. However, what most like to focus on is the male being the head of the household. This focal point of male dominance is missing a large part of a bigger picture, if the man is a follower of Christ than he is the head of the household and not the man.

This is not meant to be a sermon and I'm far from trying to convert anyone. My aim here is to ask if we really understand what the dominance of man really means according to a Biblical point of view. According to the Bible Christ is the King and he came to lead man by example and he was considered the "perfect man." Now Christ was not aggressive, nor macho, he built friendships, he wept, and he was humble and he encouraged the men around him to do the same. So why is it that some men are beating their wives and children in the name of the Christian religion? Why do we think that isolation and aggression are the sign of manhood or that that idea comes from Christianity? These are things we need to investigate.

Act Like Men: What it Means to Fight    

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