Sunday, November 29, 2015

Women in the Mens Bathroom

This article gives great food for thought! After Houston, Texas failed to pass a proposed legislation that would allow Transgenders to use corresponding bathroom to their gender. In response Kelly Lauren, a transgender woman, posted a picture of herself in the men's bathroom captioned  "Do you really want me in the bathroom with your husband or boyfriend" and the answer for me is no.
I don't feel intimated by such a beautiful woman, however, I am sure my husband might feel uncomfortable as well as some of his friends.
While Lauren takes a more comical view on the situation the truth is this is no laughing matter making transgendered people use bathrooms opposite of their gender may not be safe for them. If history has taught us anything it is the LGBT community face a lot violent psychical attacks and this legislation not being passed could further the abuse by not keeping identities secured, and giving a private place for attacks to happen.


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