Sunday, November 29, 2015

Why Dating is Hard for Professional Women

While doing research for a project, I came across an interesting article about why educated professional women have a hard time dating. Men are often intimidated by women that are more educated, more successful, and "too independent".

Dating Advice Article

Here are some quotes that stuck out most to me:

"The problem arises when women make men feel as if they are not needed in the relationship. At the end of the day, men are still providers at heart. Whether we are providing emotionally or financially, men still have an inherent need to feel needed and appreciated."

"In a woman's career, she may rise to the top by being very opinionated, aggressive and decisive. But when these same qualities cross too far into the relationship, we don't like it."
"Most men who are not OK with women who are strong and successful feel that, on some level, their partners are not making them feel like men anymore."
I'm really not surprised by this information. Men are used to the idea of being the breadwinner, so when that idea is broken, men probably feel uneasy about their place in the relationship. In addition, I can image men feel insecurity because although they might not acknowledge it, underlying internalized misogyny causes them to not feel okay with being inferior to a woman. Men don't want to feel emasculated by their significant other and that plays a prominent role in their approach to dating. Women care much more about finding a partner that is equal to them when it comes to education. The article mentioned that men see the traits of being educated and career-oriented as "bonuses". Men still value physical attraction above anything else. 
I think the main things to take from this article is what makes men feel inferior or why a woman's physical appearance is more important than her mind. In addition, we should think critically about why women value the intelligence and goals of their partners and why men aren't adapting to the growing numbers of educated women.

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