Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Syrian Refugee vs. White Male Violence

With all the discussion on Syrian Refugees by the US media, politicians and other various entities, it was interesting to listen to an interview by MSNBC with the Mayor of Dallas, Mike Rawlings, where safety of Dallas citizens was being discussed in relation to his belief that Syrian refugees should be permitted to enter the country, and the state of Texas.  I bring this discussion up as the Mayor made quite an observation regarding violence and those we should be more concerned with. 

During the interview he noted the depth and extent of the 21 step process for a refugee to gain legal status before entering the U.S.  The reporter asked if the Mayor understood why U.S. citizens were afraid of the violence that could accompany Syrian refugees, to which he responded that he was very concerned with the safety of his fellow citizens however, he was “more fearful of large gatherings of young white men; that come into schools, theatres and shoot people up.  But, we don’t isolate young white men on this issue” (MSNBC) of violence. 

This statement struck a nerve after reading the article on Boys, masculinity and school violence: reaping what we sow, by Sandy white Watson.  In this article she references 17 instances over 9 years (1997 -2006) of 19 young white men who committed murder and mayhem at various schools within the U.S. During their violent rampages, a total of 49 people were murdered and 45 were injured. These statics do not take into account more recent mass shootings in academic settings such as Sandy Hook Elementary School (2012), Umpqua Community College (2015), etc.

It appears that certain segments of our society are marginalizing men who have Muslim beliefs and look Arabic versus reflecting on the issues which plague our society in terms of masculine violence across the board, including the invisible white male who often flies under the radar.


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