Monday, November 9, 2015

Terry Crews Explains Why Men Should Embrace Their Emotions

I saw a video where Terry Crews was being interviewed on the Huffington Post and was talking about men, sensitivity, and sadness. Crews says "Guys all the time blink past sad moments, depressing moments. Not everything should be funny, and I do a lot of that processing at home: today is a sad day, ingest it, work with it, and then go on, but if you don't, it comes out another way." Men are taught that being masculine means that you should not show sadness since it is a sign of weakness and that is feminine or girly. You do not want to show the world that you are a weak man because men are not supposed to be weak. You do not want to show your potential partner that you are weak because then they are going to think that you are not a suitable protector. It is not only harmful in regards to social stigma but as a human being it is harmful to let all of your emotions boil inside you without any form of getting it out. Averse effect are negative feelings that you want to release in order to feel better about yourself but social constrains does not allow you to. That's why we need feminism because we need to alter a society where anyone regardless of gender are allowed to express how they feel in order to keep their own sanity and emotional stability. 

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