Sunday, November 29, 2015

Disconnect and 2D women

Men have such a huge disconnect from women and the world that women live in. A lot of times as women we think that it's only because that is just how men are. We think that for us as women it creates a ton of problems and we are taught that men are the enemy and are dangerous (of course we're also taught that they are our wonder it's so hard to trust men completely). But as a women and being taught these things it's sometimes really hard for us to take a step back and realize it's not just hurting women, it's also hurting men. A lot. It's hard to see because men have so much entitlement and power in comparison to women but it's true that men are hurt just as much by their disconnect.

Earlier this year an anime music video came out in Japan that shows just how men are affected by such a disconnect. The music video was made as an in depth psychological view as to how viewing women as objects, especially sexual objects, ends up hurting the man's relationship. He can only view his girlfriend as a sweet girl who doesn't think about sex. At least not in the way he does. The main female in the video is shown in the beginning as his perfect sexual desire. She is sweet, cute, and submissive. He has a hard thinking that girls can be anything more than submissive and when a women starts to take control he doesn't know how to handle the situation. When the female starts to show her own desires he doesn't like it; a flash back to perhaps why him and his girlfriend are no more. There are two ways really this video can be looked at. The first is how I just described and the second is that he cannot get rid of his sexual thoughts towards 2D girls and would rather be with them than his girlfriend because he just cannot relate to her. It causes a break up in their relationship but either way it shows that he has a strong disconnect from women in general and it ends up hurting him and his relationship.

This video was originally done to show that this is rising concern that has been growing with men in Japan. This is such a concern because a lot of men are not getting married and/or are choosing to stick with their 2D women (anime, hentai/porn, video games, and manga/comics) versus trying to make an actual relationship or even have sex with real living breathing women.

Anime Females vs. Real Women

Link to the music video Me! Me! Me! is below. Please be advised this video is GRAPHIC.

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