Sunday, November 29, 2015

Master of None

Recently I started watching the show "Master of None". It's a comedy on Netflix starring comedian Aziz Ansari, who portrays a "fully-realized and conflicted character" who doesn't exhibit the usual insecurities of being a "man" that are staples on most sitcoms today. I really like the way Dev, Ansari's character, treats every situation in the show with genuine care and honest emotions. That's not to say his character is perfect. He has flaws, but his problems aren't related to getting a girl to sleep with him or being scared of not appearing manly enough. He focuses on his friends and family and simple everyday issues. Dev and his friend Arnold, played by Eric Wareheim, both "appear to be fully in-tune with their emotions, because they don't buy into the problematic ideals of traditional masculinity." My boyfriend was the one who got me into the show, and he also appreciates the way masculinity is portrayed in a healthier and more realistic way.he show also has a diverse cast and touches on subjects such as immigration, appreciating family, portrayal of Indians in the media, and having children. It's a great show to watch if you're sick of seeing the typical "womanizing" man or typical nerdy/sensitive-guy stereotypes. Below is an article about the show if you're interested in hearing more about it!

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