Sunday, November 22, 2015

Here's What It Really Takes For A Man To Be A Feminist

I recently watched a video by YouTubers Allison Raskin and Gaby Dunn where they answered the question, "can men be feminists?" I found their answer to be partially great and partially not so great. 

Let me start with the not so great answers. For one they said feminism is about equality for women. Even though of course this is true they failed to mention that feminism is a movement for all genders, which also includes men, into their answer. I found this answer faulty because for one they do not talk about feminism being there for transgender and non-binary people and helping the fight for us. I found it particularly irksome that on a video talking about feminism in regards to men they failed to mention how feminism positively impacts men. They gave no example of allowing men to be themselves without having to fit into a masculine man box and them actively fighting homophobia, transphobia, etc. Another thing that I wasn't particularly fond of was the fact that they kept saying women but didn't even include transgender women who are also women into their answer. I felt like there was a lot of erasure going on with this answer and I was not fond of that. Lastly, they said that "men shouldn't be leaders of feminism." I COMPLETELY disagree with this statement because if there are feminist male leaders it can definitely build a more cohesive membership with men involved. Men and people of other genders are crucial to a movement for equality that everyone is affected by so I think it is mutually beneficial for feminism to have leaders of all types of gender identities. 

Now for the answer I did like was that they mentioned how men shouldn't overpower women's voices. Like I stated above, feminism isn't only for women but I'm just going off the answer they gave. Gender wise we know that women are the oppressed group in society so the concerns they have to voice are necessary. It is important to listen to groups that are reaching out to express grievances on how they are treated in society and all of the inequalities that are faced by the oppressor. They said men shouldn't be telling women how they should feel and what they should be expressing because since they are not the ones facing the same issues, they should not be overpowering the marginalized group. I agree completely that space for a particular group should be developed so that those people who are directly affected by oppression can speak out and have their concerns heard. I also want to point out that they are not saying men shouldn't say anything, they are saying that a true ally stands by and listens to those they are supporting and also advocated for them, but not to take up the space of those who suffer from the oppression they are fighting against. 

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