Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thinx: Period-Proof Underwear for Men

As many individuals may have noticed, based upon Facebook ads featuring fruits that look not-so-ironcially similar to female genitalia, there is a company who has designed period proof underwear.

Already the company had my attention, for their forward-thinking decision to boldly display such ads that some found too "offensive" for the public Subway. The debate is examined in this article, and compared to a far less tasteful and significantly more offensive subway advertisement displaying a women's full bosom and price for breast augmentation. But this is an argument for a different time.

The tag line for most of the advertisements stated, "Underwear for women with periods." While I understand the reason for the sentiment, as it's all-inclusive (what woman doesn't have periods?) they quickly realized a flaw in their plane, and were also swayed by people who wrote in to inform them of a certain fact. Some men have periods too!

So here we are. Underwear for MEN with periods. Deal with it.


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