Sunday, November 29, 2015

With a world that is growing increasingly violent and the majority of the offenders being male, it is important to seek answers to this problem. Many studies have been done by people such as Michael Kimmel, Pedro Noguera, and William Pollack, to understand masculine violence. Their findings were not all that shocking, in fact in a way they seem like common sense. When a person is lonely, stressed with no one to talk to, isolated, hurting, etc, of course their is a great opportunity for the person to turn violent and lash out. 
I do not understand why in this day and age we need somebody to tell us that if we isolate and put stress on someone that they may break, and further more why would we want to do this to our children anyway. As parent we should support and love of boys, not teach them to act cold and isolate themselves and not build any lasting relationships. 
When are we going to learn isolation equals weakness and bonds equals strength! 
I believe everybody should read this article and make an effort to support a friend whether male of female.     

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