Sunday, November 29, 2015

Rose Gold- Gay or Not?

CollegeHumor is almost always so amazing in their satiric shorts. In this short, they discuss the new pink iPhone 6s. People, it seems, are concerned on whether or not getting the phone in Rose Gold is gay or not. Because obviously, owning something pink is feminine, and therefore gay. CollegeHumor jokingly renames the color Raw Meat, and Blow Torch, because these are manly things, and #notgay. Because being seen as gay is obviously such a bad thing. And pink is such a gay color, right? Hetero-masculinity is so fragile it seems, that they can be shaken by the color of a phone. It all goes back to the Man-Box I suppose, and how you must always fit inside, and must always be strong and masculine. This video does a great job at poking fun out of this stereotypes, and is well worth a watch.

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