Saturday, November 28, 2015

Hurting Men in the Workplace Hurts Everyone

There seems to be a lot of problems today between the sexes. It has been a battle for the longest time and it really hurts both genders constantly. But today is supposed to have a much smaller gender gap right? We would like to think so. Women have more rights right? They can vote, hold really good jobs, men even stay at home instead of working now too. But the reality is that today there is still a massive gap between the two genders; especially in the work place. Most men can't see it as easily as women can. Women still face sexual harassment and lower wages (and if you're a woman of color then you probably make even less).

But here's the harsh truth, it doesn't just hurt women it hurts men too. The current workplace teaches women to be team players whereas men are taught to do things on their own. This might not seem like such a big deal but take a closer look at things. If men have a problem they don't know how to resolve then they may not ask for help. Because asking for help is looked at as weak and men cannot be considered weak in the eyes of others. Even if this hurts them or the company in the long run they may delay asking for help or don't ask at all. It also creates a sense of entitlement for men because they are strong and can look down at women who make less than them. They are still the 'breadwinners'. Or at least they are supposed to be and if they aren't it hurts their ego. And for some men if their ego is bruised they take it out on others, other co-workers and wives. Because men are taught that their rage must go towards someone else other than themselves. In essence it hurts everyone.

One more issue about the workforce is there is lots of sexual discrimination towards women. Mainly when they are going for positions of power like CEO or engineering jobs for example. Jobs that are mostly considered male jobs. But men can face the same exact problems, just a bit in reverse. There are a lot of jobs that are considered women's jobs such as being a secretary or a nurse. Up until recently being a flight attendant was a women's only job. So the implication then is even if a man is a heterosexual man if he takes on any of these jobs he is considered less of a man and/or gay. This creates a problem when men apply for jobs because they are less likely to get in for an interview or get the job because it is seen as a women's job.

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