Sunday, November 29, 2015

Does Movember bringing awareness to cancer or masculinity?

For anyone that doesn't know, November is prostate cancer awareness month. Men are encouraged to grow mustaches and beards hence the name Movember (November + mustache). I read an article that included an insightful conversation about how the concept of Movember does much more harm than good.

Movember Mustache Campaign for Prostate Cancer is Misguided

The article made a great point about how the campaign focuses on the ability to grow a beard and completely avoids actually talking about prostates and prostate cancer. They also talked about the campaign's irrational need to heavily emphasize gender in the same way breast cancer awareness does. The campaign essentially pushes the notion that embracing masculinity somehow saves lives and honors people affected by prostate cancer. In addition, instead of having the month be about men being honest and vulnerable about the disease, that opportunity is taken away from them in favor of encouraging "bros to be bros for a month".

I agree with the points brought up in the article. I think cancer awareness should always be about focusing on the disease and saving lives. I feel like people walk around joking about "No Shave November" but really have no idea what it's for. The month should be spent educating people with prostates about getting check ups and about the gland in general. Mustaches are completely irrelevant.

What do you all think? Do you think the campaign is doing it's job or do you think it distracts from the original cause of bringing awareness to prostate cancer?

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