Saturday, November 21, 2015

Tax on Tampons

I was recently just informed about this growing movement in the UK, in which women are protesting the tax on tampons in front of the Parliament building. Currently in the UK there is a 5% tax on tampons, and the women who initiated this protest are trying to show that tampons/pads are not luxury items, even though they are being taxed as so. The reason that this protest is gaining so much publicity and momentum is because they are protesting in the form of “free-bleeding.” These women are refusing the use of feminine hygiene products to raise awareness. Certain items that are considered essential items, like baby items are tax exempt; while these necessary products are still being taxed.

I think that this is a very different yet interesting way of protesting this tax on tampons. It is great that these women are comfortable enough with their womanhood to stand out public protesting. There has been some negative reactions from people, as that is somewhat understandable. But talking about the fact that these items are necessary for anyone who experiences menstruation (as this is not just strictly a women’s issue), is important to spread the messages. As a woman, we need to purchase tampons when we are menstruating as it is a natural bodily process that we have no control over. But making women have to pay an extra 5% tax to handle this naturally occurring function is almost like a punishment. I’m sorry that I don’t have control over this, but don’t make me spend even more money on this. This issue is also important for those women who cannot afford to buy tampons because of the extra taxes on them. I thought that this was an interesting topic and way of protesting a tax on tampons. 

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