Wednesday, November 18, 2015

'Every Breath We Drew' Photo Book Explores Identity, Desire, and Connection

Every Breath We Drew is a photo book by Jess Dugan. Dugan wanted to show that the notions of masculinity can be ambigious and doesn't have to always be just the type that is always shown, in her own words "gentle masculinity." She decided to take photos of people with a focus primarily on female-to-male transgender because she is "interested in a version of masculinity that is more expansive, and more vulnerable, than the kind often represented in mainstream culture." She wants to hear how other people define masculinity and what it means to them.

This picture in particular stood out to me because I never would have thought that a transgender man would want to get pregnant. I always understood that pregnancy was the essence of a women and it is such a feminine event. But this made me understand that yes to some people to may be in reality it's more about giving birth to a new life. Regardless of your gender you are the person who is giving someone else a brand new life and raising them and that has nothing to do with your gender.

Head here to see more of the project: Every Breath We Drew (Jess Dugan)

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