Saturday, April 19, 2014

Beards are Sexier when They're Uncommon, Study Suggests

I found this article titled "Beards are Sexier When They're Uncommon, Study Suggests" , it discusses the results from a recently published study by the University of New South Wales examining the attractiveness of men with facial hair. Facial hair has always been seen as a masculine characteristic and it can represent prestige, intellect, power, and etc.The cultural trend of facial hair has evolved from sideburns moved to mustaches, then full beards.

      Research suggests that beards are considered more attractive when they are rare, but as they become more common, they will be considered less attractive. Participants in the study were shown 24 different online images of types of facial hair and asked to rate the images attractiveness.  The research also suggests that evolutionary forces could be playing a role in the rise and fall of beards and other types of facial hair for men. It is also intriguing that Brooks and colleagues found that both women and men thought heavy stubble and full beards more attractive when these facial patterns were rare.

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